Short Films: completed


Head Gamekeeper Abel discovers the Thing that is eating his Grouse and brings the horror back home to his already crumbling relationship with his wife.

Writer/Directors: Sophie Mair & Dan Gitsham, Producers: Rebecca Wolff, Jude Goldrei, Sophie Mair

Production Companies: Grasp the Nettle Films, Lunar Lander Films, Sketchbook Pictures

Funded by : BFI & Gunpowder & Sky

Awards and Festival Screenings:
▪ London Short Film Festival 2021, UK
▪ Manchester Film Festival 2021, UK
▪ Tampere Film Festival 2021, Finland
▪ South By South West 2021, USA
▪ Florida Film Festival 2021, USA
▪ Fantaspoa International Fantastic Film Festival 2021, Brazil
▪ Pragueshorts Film Festival 2021, Czech Republic
▪ Chattanooga Film Festival 2021, USA
▪ Cryptshow Festival 2021, Spain
▪ Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival 2021, Korea
▪ LA Shorts International Film Festival 2021, USA
▪ Indy Shorts International Film Festival 2021, USA
▪ Grossmann Fantastic Film & Wine Festival 2021, Slovenia - WINNER, HEARTLAND HORROR AWARD
▪ Sundance London 2021, UK
▪ Popcorn Frights 2021, USA
▪ Indielisboa - International Film Festival 2021, Portugal
▪ Ravenheart International Film Festival 2021, Norway
▪ LA Shorts International Film Festival 2021, USA
▪ Encounters Film Festival 2021, UK
▪ Horrible Imaginings Film Festival 2021, USA - WINNER, BEST SHORT FILM SCREENPLAY
▪ GenreBlast Film Festival 2021, USA
▪ MOTELX Lisbon International Horror Film Festival 2021, Portugal - SPECIAL MENTION for the Méliès d'argent Award - Best European Short Film
▪ Hollyshorts 2021, USA
▪ Court Metrange 2021, France
▪ Edmonton Film Festival 2021, Canada
▪ Mile High Horror Festival 2021, USA
▪ La Femme International Film Festival 2021, USA
▪ Dracula Film Festival 2021, Romania
▪ Telluride Horror Show 2021, USA
▪ Mayhem Film Festival 2021, UK
▪ Flickers’ Vortex Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Film Festival 2021, USA - WINNER, GRAND PRIZE BEST HORROR SHORT
▪ El Paso Film Festival 2021, USA
▪ Brooklyn Horror Film Festival 2021, USA
▪ Knoxville Horror Film Fest 2021, USA - WINNER, BEST SCRIPT
▪ Celluloid Screams 2021, UK - HONOURABLE MENTION
▪ Newport Beach Film Festival 2021, USA
▪ Dark Hedges Film Festival 2021, Northern Ireland
▪ Cell Adore Film Festival 2021, UK - WINNER, AUDIENCE AWARD
▪ Espace Court @ Festival du cinema Int. A-T 2021, Canada
▪ Razor Reel Fantastic Film Festival 2021, Belgium
▪ San Sebastian Horror & Fantasy Festival 2021, Spain
▪ Morbido Fest 2021, Mexico
▪ Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2021, UK
▪ St Louis International Film Festival 2021, USA
▪ Leeds International Film Festival 2021, UK
▪ Abertoir Horror Festival 2021, UK
▪ Festival Boca Do Inferno 2021, Brazil
▪ Splat Film Fest 2021, Poland
▪ Shockfest Film Festival 2021, USA
▪ British Shorts Berlin 2022, Germany


MA’AM is Queen Victoria as you’ve never seen her before – the original ‘Instamum’, struggling with post-natal depression while facing a photo shoot to show off her perfect family to the world. The dark, funny and moving story of a woman spiralling under the pressure of expectations.

Writer/Director: Joy Wilkinson, Producers: Jude Goldrei, Rebecca Wolff

Production Companies: Lunar Lander Films & Grasp the Nettle Films

Funded by: Bumble's Female Film Force

Awards and Festival Screenings:
▪ Norwich Film Festival 2020, UK
▪ St Louis International Film Festival 2020, USA
▪ The Shortest Nights 2020, UK
▪ Cinequest Film Festival 2020, USA
▪ Margate Film Festival 2021, UK
▪ New Renaissance Film Festival 2021, UK
▪ British Shorts Berlin 2021, Germany


A young woman makes a dawn escape from a commune she has grown to distrust.

Director: Aurora Fearnley, Producers: Jude Goldrei, Maria Forsstrom, Sophie Reynolds

Production Companies: Little Northern Light & Lunar Lander Films & Vita Nova Films
Funding: Directors UK

Awards and Festival Screenings:
▪ Underwire Film Festival - WINNER BEST ACTRESS
▪ Reykjavik International Film Festival - NOMINATED GOLDEN EGG AWARD
▪ London Lift-Off Festival
▪ British Shorts Berlin
▪ Athena Film Festival
▪ London Short Film Festival
▪ Dances With Films Film Festival
▪ Kerry Film Festival


Zebra Face is a bombastic stripey horse with rudimentary rhyme skills and an insulin dependant sidekick, Durable Mouth Organ Diabetic. The un-dynamic duo's nifty sweet adventures have been brought to life in a series of short animations for Channel 4's Random Acts series.

Directors: Kid Acne & Paul Reardon

Producers: Caroline Cooper Charles & Jude Goldrei

Episode 1: Cloud Trouble
Zebra Face and his sidekick Durable Mouth Organ Diabetic deliver swift justice to an insolent cloud. Their friend Messy Dinosaur is on hand to help out.

Festival Screenings:
▪ Encounters Festival 2014, UK
▪ London Short Film Festival 2015, UK
▪ Interfilm Berlin 2015, Germany

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