Feature Films: In Development


Broke, disillusioned graduate Sarah, desperate to get her dream job in the art world, befriends Violet, daughter of a billionaire gallery owner. Violet invites her to her hi-tech penthouse, but things take a terrifying turn as the penthouse is haunted and Violet is possessed.

Writer: Lucy Moore

Director: Laura Smith

In development with the BFI


Comedy about a jaded magician who re-connects with what magic really means to him, by multi-award winning theatre, film and TV writer Nick Payne (SENSE OF AN ENDING, WANDERLUST, CONSTELLATIONS), with BAFTA and Emmy-nominated director Alex Winckler (MY MAD FAT DIARY, THIS WAY UP).

Writer: Nick Payne

Director: Alex Winckler

In development with the BFI


Sci-Fi following two female scientists discovering the astonishing effects of the northern lights on IQ.

Writer/Director: Aurora Fearnley

In development with the BFI


Horror. Grace and Abel’s seemingly perfect life on the North Yorkshire moors becomes swallowed by their desire to have a child. When Abel returns home with a curious living mass of flesh, skin and hair, they name it Ginger, and as this strange deformity grows, so does its demands and its capacity to destroy them.

Writer/Directors: Sophie Mair & Dan Gitsham

Producing partner: Rebecca Wolff, Grasp the Nettle Films

In Development with the BFI


Thriller. A young Cambridge graduate tutors the children of wealthy families in hope of finding the love he once had before his whole family tragically died. His dark past brings with it a destructive force.

Writer: Miles Mantle

Director: Tom Geens


Comedy about 30-something Frankie, who is dumped by her boyfriend in a year of weddings, hen parties, baby showers and Christenings. She gets a dog to prove to everyone she can be responsible, but she spirals out of control, untrained dog in tow, and tries to get through her mid-life crisis.

Written by and Starring: Daisy Haggard (UNCLE, EPISODES, BACK TO LIFE)



UK/Vietnam set Action Thriller. Bao works in an East End nail bar, where she plots her revenge against the gang who trafficked her sister to the UK.

Writer: Rebecca Crookshank

Director: Ham Tran

Producers: Jude Goldrei, Lunar Lander Films & Anderson Le, East Films


Smart Sci-Fi Comedy about a woman who rebuilds herself as an indestructible cyborg to cope with life as a single mum.

Writer: Joy Wilkinson



Romantic Comedy. Set in Birmingham’s vibrant Sparkhill, a divorced woman finds unexpected love during the Mela festival. Written by Screen International Star of Tomorrow Paven Virk.

Writer: Paven Virk

In development with the BFI

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